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Womb and Wellness

Full Focus Tea

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A refreshing combination of herbs, roots and flowers blended for their adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens aim to improve the body's resilience in dealing with physiological and emotional stress. They have been used for centuries in traditional cultures around the world. This blend is delightfully smooth and satisfying. Easily enjoyed hot or iced, sweetened or unsweetened. Naturally energizing, but caffeine-free.

TBFF Tip: The stress relieving and concentration improving research on herbs found in this blend, make it the perfect brew buddy while studying for an exam or before giving a presentation. 


Special blend of all organic Rhodiola R., Sage L., Ashwaganda R., Gotu Kola, Peppermint L. and Hibiscus F.

Steeping Instructions

Cover and steep 1 Tbsp of tea in 8-10 oz of hot water for 3-5 min**.

Can be served hot or iced/sweetened or unsweetened.

*Approximately 24 servings

**Note: Double steeping time if using cold water.


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