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Womb and Wellness

Placenta Encapsulation Service

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All over the world and across all cultural backgrounds people have chosen to keep their placentas following the birth of their babies, for a multitude of reasons.  In many cultures, both ancient and modern-day practices include a myriad of beliefs regarding the handling of this powerful organ.  Traditional cultures have long recognized and revered its power. The placenta is treated with great respect throughout much of the world and is often returned to the earth through ceremonial burial.

Today, people are reclaiming their bodies, their births, and their choices. Inspired by rituals of the past and an onward quest to advance the health of pregnant and postpartum people; many are finding ways to appreciate, respect and utilize an organ that is otherwise considered medical waste.

Placenta Encapsulation is one way a birthing person may choose to utilize this organ.

*Please contact us to discuss further details of this service and your individual needs. 


According to both andecdotal and rigourous scientific research, placentophagy may support postpartum recovery, mental health and lactation. However, current research is not without limitations and variables. Speaking with your trusted health professional is always recommended.


Your placenta hand-processed with care and intention, and placed into vegan capsules.